language interpretation and translation services company

Lead To Asia Localization & Translation Co., Ltd is a professional translation and localization company based in Hong Kong. We are highly specialized in Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and more.

The Key to Success: Advanced Project Management

Advanced and professional project management is essential for any projects. We have strong human resources an experienced project management team and a systematic project management method. Every project we undertake is assigned a full-time project manager providing an exclusive service to our clients. From customer requirements to customer satisfaction all processes refer to our “customer centric” service model, project managers are involved in every part of the process, they coordinate resources and maintain close contact with members of the team, using advanced management tools, they continue to provide accurate information, project status reports, raise doubts and suggest solutions for any problems that may arise.

Three Tiered Process

We implement a three-tiered working process for every job we work on in order to ensure the highest quality of service.

-- First our professional localization engineers create the initial localized files.

-- Then the editors will carefully review and refine to secure the localized files look and read as they were originally in target languages.

-- Finally, we promise all translations will be proof-read by a native speaker (target language) with relevant technical knowledge, to guarantee that every document is flawless.

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